OK, so I’ve been away and catching up on news and one of the items to catch my attention was Eddie Vedder, of Pearl Jam fame, is releasing a solo album, Ukulele Songs, of correct, you guessed it, ukulele songs on the 31st of May, 2011.

Especially exciting, for me anyway, is Cat Power will be a guest on the album performing a duet with Eddie on the song, Tonight You Belong to Me.  The current single’s called, Longing to Belong, and should gave you a taster of what’s to come.

Amanda Palmer, now Eddie Vedder – I can see this ukulele album thing catching on.

Here’s the track list (via pitchfork).

01 Can’t Keep
02 Sleeping by Myself
03 Without You
04 More Than You Know
05 Goodbye
06 Broken Heart
07 Satellite
08 Longing to Belong
09 Hey Fahkah
10 You’re True
11 Light Today
12 Sleepless Nights [ft. Glen Hansard]
13 Once in Awhile
14 Waving Palms
15 Tonight You Belong to Me [ft. Cat Power]
16 Dream a Little Dream

Here’s a live version of Satellite: