Image: The ukulele Beatles

Ukulele Beatles is a japanese compilation from 2003.  In the world of the internets I thought the days of my youth, where it was impossible to buy so many albums, was a thing of the past.  Apparently not.  You can buy it from Japan but Japanese sites rarely post to UK.  Perhaps I’ve not searched enough yet.  One of the things that has really spiked my interest was Kuricorder Quartet, an eccentric Japanese instrumental quartet.  They have some other albums that are on iTunes and Spotify.  I managed to find their version of I’ve Just Seen a Face, which is on the Ukulele Beatles compilation.

There’s also, a Ukulele Beatles Vol 2, a Lennon ukulele and a Studio Ghibli themed compilation but I dn’t want to get ahead of myself, I’d be happy with the Ukulele Beatles compilation to start with.