If an infinite amount of monkeys can come up with the complete works of Shakespeare, what would an infinite number of chimps kicking out the jams on ukuleles come up with?  Answers on a postcard.

For now, we have a small insight into that world through two leading ukulele exponents in the chimp world, Jamie and Holly.

Jamie’s obviously influenced by Hendrix and Branca though I note a touch of  Tiny Tim in the strumming technique.  There’s an aggression that I like in the playing style – he attacks the string and gets a good pluck.  This is someone who is not afraid to break down barriers and play what’s in his heart rather than what’s on the song sheet.

Holly on the other hand has more of a traditional style.  There’s a gentleness of technique and her style is in line with the great Hawaiian players of past years.  Though not as confrontational as Jamie the chimp, there’s an irreverence, note the ukulele carried on the back.

It would be great if Holly and Jamie could put aside the showbiz egos and jam together, maybe do an album and a tour.  I know, it’s a dream, but who knows, one day they might share a stage in a town near you flanked by an infinite number of chimps playing ukuleles for an infinite amount of time.  I’d be interested to hear what they came up with.