Art Garfunkel scared the living crap out of me when I was younger.  On one level it was the clown like hair, strange waistcoats and lady-like voice.  That would have been enough but then he goes and gets involved in a film about bunny rabbits (Watership Down, if you’re interested).  As a result every time I hear the song, Bright Eyes, like many others of my generation, a tensing of the chest and an irrational fear creeps over me.

Besides Art giving this song to some deranged film producer to add to a film about psycotic rabbits, he’s also the man who has every book he’s ever read catalogued on his website.  To most people this seems like he’s outragously pretentious.  To me, it just means he’s my hero.  I’m not sure if it’s the steadfast dedication to reading or the OCD aspect of list writing that’s behind my admiration, all I know is that one day I can have a list of something on the internet like Art does, maybe a cool haircut like him and if I ever find a Garfunkel signature waistcoat, I’m buying it.

In ode to Art, here’s Bright Eyes for the ukulele:  Ukulele Bright Eyes