Andrew Wk partying hard

In his own words, Andrew WK is a Musician, TV Personality, Motivational Speaker, Nightclub Owner.  He also likes to party hard.  In any eighties party scene he would be the chap threatening to do some crazy shit, like cut an arm off,  because he was in a party frenzy.

Now consider this: what could be better for your ukulele party playing than the chords for Andrew WK?  Nothing, I think – certainly not Pink, who’s song feebly asks others to, get this party started.  Couldn’t she start it herself?  Doesn’t sound like her heart was ever really in the whole partying business.  So back to the pro, Andrew WK.  Here’s the chords to party hard. I’ve simplified them but the main riff section is still a little tricky to play at first.  However, once you get the hang of playing it, the unlimited use of the word party, as a verb of course, will be open to you for ever more.  It’s worth the effort, I think.

Andrew WK – Party hard chords for the ukulele