The other day, in a moment of reckless abandon, I bought a banjo ukulele (banjolele) off eBay.  I’ve wanted one for ages.  I think it’s made by a German maker, Dreima.  From what I can find on the internet, they’re not particularly well known but it looks good, has a nice sound and a sturdy weight.  I’m guessing it dates from the twenties or thirties.  The bridge has 8 places for strings but it’s been strung with 4 strings.  I do wonder if the bridge has been taken from a mandolin or something and it’s in fact not a Dreima as the headstock has no makers mark.  Anyway, it doesn’t matter as it’s a lovely little item.

Here’s an audio clip: Dreima banjolele clip

Here’s some snaps.

ukulele banjo

The body shot.

ukulele banjo

Dreima stamp.

Full nude.

uke banjo by dreima