Peseta ukulele bagAny stylish discerning ukulele player should really be looking at purchasing this Marc Jacobs ukulele bag.  It’s incredible.  Marc Jacobs, superstar fashion designer.  The man who worked with Wes Anderson for The Darjeeling Limited.  The man who gets Juergen Teller to shoot his ad campaigns.  Louis Vuitton’s creative director.  Okay enough of the fawning.

inside the bag

Designed by Peseta for Marc Jacobs, it’s their third collaboration and it’s great.  It also doubles as a weekend bag which is very useful.  In particular I love the pockets inside and the great lining.

These bags are for the sartorial savvy ukulele player and are available at Marc Jacobs boutiques and also peseta’s website.  One question I keep asking myself – is Marc Jacobs a secret ukulele player?