What kind of ukulele case you have says a lot about your personality just like that what brand of alcopop, beer, cola, you drink defines you as a human being.  Drink Stella Artois?  You’re a sophisticated person who likes French films and Tenesse Williams.  Use Brute (a British aftershave)? You are a real man.

So what does your ukulele case say about you?

The Gator

This is the Bear Grylls/Steve Irwin/Andy Mcnabb case of the ukulele world.  Strong, durable and functional.  It’s the kind of thing I would expect to buy in B&Q with a power tool and a few bricks so I could put up the eighth wonder of the world in my back garden.

Sugar Kane

Taking it’s name from Marilyn Monroe’s character in the film, Some Like it Hot, this case is feminine chic.  Pretty and made by a French girl in East London.  This is the opposite end of the Gator.

Marc Jacobs

I’ve writttn about this bag before but I think it can be summarised to three main points.

1.  It looks a bit useless for carrying a ukulele in.

2.  It’s by Marc Jacobs and looks awesome.

3.  It’s got a pen holder on the inside.

Stagg’s tweed case

The dandys case of choice.  It’s vintage, but new, so not really vintage, but in the style of vintage.  I expect every flaneur to be swanning round their city, pipe in hand, three piece suite with a tweed ukulele case by their side.  Also, a healthy dose of opium would be in ones pipe, obviously.

The free Mahalo case

A ukulele condom without the  protective qualities of  a condom but with, perhaps more importantly, the school boy humour.