Stephin Merritt and Claudia Gonson, from the Magnetic Fields, popped into the studio at NPR for a short interview and a couple of songs on the ukulele in promotion of their new album, Realism.

There’s the normal awkwardness, more on the interviewer’s part, that comes with any Magnetic Fields, i.e., Stephin Merritt interview as he pauses after a question for a sustained period only to then give a minimal reply.  It’s well documented that he hates doing interviews but I’m rather fond of them as they take on a surreal form of torture for any interviewer looking for a normal answer.  However, this one isn’t too painful and at times Stephin Merritt could almost be described as chatty as he talks about his no-synth trilogy and 60s folk icon, Judy Collins, who partly inspired the new album.

You can listen to the interview here: NPR Interview

There’s also two real treats, a ukulele version with Claudia on Vocals of Night Falls Like a Grand Piano, from 69 Love Songs.  And, Seduced and Abandoned, an Edward Gorey type Victorian parlour song, that’s sung and played by Merritt.

It’s an excellent version so I thought some chords were in order – I’ve added them to the new section, Ukulele Tabs & Chords, which is listed on the right hand side under the heading, Other Stuff.  Once you’ve navigated to the page click on the song title to see the chords.

Alternatively you could just click here: Ukulele Tabs.