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Ukulele in the Wild a DJ Mix

If I ever get time I will extend this to a longer set with Wolfman Jack type voice over, but for now, this will have to do.

chimp photo

An infinite number of chimps playing ukulele

If an infinite amount of monkeys can come up with the complete works of Shakespeare, what would an infinite number of chimps kicking out the jams on ukuleles come…

John Hannah – Tiki Style Uke


Relentlessly in C – ukulele orchestra of GB

A loose interpretation of Terry Riley’s minimalist masterpiece on the ukulele.


Christmas Ukulele Offer

Quick christmas ukulele gift offer.  Get the print copy of Ode to Uke with 40% off.  Just use the code, xmas at the checkout. Go get it: buy it now…

U900 – Ukulele Hikima Show

This is the theme tune to the ukulele Hikima show.  Sadly, it’s in Japanese, which I don’t speak  but anything involving u900, the uke wielding knitted duo, is…

SERUTAN YOB – Red Ingle and the unnatural seven

A country parody of Nat King Cole’s Nature Boy (notice the title), this record was released in 1948.  The Passedena Ukulele club provide uke action.  It’s a strange…

Mahalo lap steel surfboard

Mahalo surf

There’s a new surf range from Mahalo.  A steel and nylon string ukulele but also, more excitingly, a lap steel slide guitar shaped as a surfboard.  Yep, that’s…

Freunde-von-Freunden-Olimpia_Zagnoli_Andrea_Poggio pink uke

Freunde von Freunden – pink ukulele

This post is pretty much just a virtual toot* to another ukulele owner.  Freunde von Freunden is one of those modern day through the key hole sorts of sites where…


Elvis Ukulele Screen Print

Elvis playing the ukulele screen prints.  A4 and only an edition of 8.  One of these little beauties will be adorning my wall once I get a frame…