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Ukulele Kuricorder

The Kuricorder Quartet are the modern day Beatles of the eccentric happy novelty instrument quartet world.  I came across them on a compilation a few months ago and…

Ode to uke

Ode to Uke – a ukulele novelty book by Arthur Ravenscrag III with illustrations by Paul Andrews

Ode to Uke, a ukulele novelty book I wrote, is now available for iPad, iPhone, iPod touch and Kindle.  It’s taken a while to get it completed but…

Warren Buffett and Jon Bon Jovi duet

Warren Buffett playing a Kala ukulele.  His sidekick needs some music lessons though. Here’s warren playing a Mele uke for chinese new year:

Ukulele Brooch

Ukulele brooch

Image: ukulele porn Purchased from the Barbican shop, London.

Ukulele walking stick – Etsy part 2

This walking cane ukulele is a must for any modern day flaneur.  Take a cane and a ukulele out?  Not me, now I have a free hand for…

Ukulele tiki dog shirt on etsy

Dog ukulele shirt – Etsy part 1

There is a lot of ukulele stuff on Etsy.  There’s actually some pretty amazing stuff on Etsy so I thought I’d do a few post on some of…

Steel drum & ukulele

I’ve been thinking a steel drum ukulele band might be a good idea for a while.  A little searching didn’t bring up much besides this great skateboarding video…

Futulele – a ukulele iPhone and iPad app

This is all over the internet at the moment.  It sounds like she’s strumming a tin can rigged with fishing gut.

Ultraman ukulele

Whenever I start to lose faith in the world, normally after reading the comment pages on any newspaper on any article ever published, I no longer comfort myself…

Artful badger ukulele badges

The artful Badger ukulele badges

Just a short post to show off my new badges I received the other day.  You can purchase them, if you’re into badges, on etsy.  I like the…