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Ukulele in the Wild a DJ Mix

If I ever get time I will extend this to a longer set with Wolfman Jack type voice over, but for now, this will have to do.

chimp photo

An infinite number of chimps playing ukulele

If an infinite amount of monkeys can come up with the complete works of Shakespeare, what would an infinite number of chimps kicking out the jams on ukuleles come…


Malvina Reynolds – The New Restaurant

I’ve been listening to Malvina Reynolds recently and I just love her.  She’s mainly known as a songwriter and had a few hits in the 60s with songs…

Johnny Depp playing the ukulele

Johnny Depp, a ukulele and George Formby

The Daily Star is reporting that Johnny Depp hopes to play George Formby in an adaptation of Formby’s life and the actor has taken up the banjolele and…

The Shaggs tribute concert – Gimme Dat Ding

This is from a Shaggs tribute concert and is great and has ukulele in it. Anyone uninitiated in the ways of the Wiggins Sisters better be prepared to…

Sylvie Simmons Interview

During an illustrious career Sylvie Simmons has published a book of short stories, written acclaimed biographies of two musical heroes of mine, Serge Gainsbourg and recently Leonard Cohen and…

Willa Holland ukulele

Willa Holland and her ukulele

Willa Holland of the O.C., Gossip Girl and all sorts of other stuff I’ve never actually seen plays the ukulele!  She’s even managed to get a song called…

Freunde-von-Freunden-Olimpia_Zagnoli_Andrea_Poggio pink uke

Freunde von Freunden – pink ukulele

This post is pretty much just a virtual toot* to another ukulele owner.  Freunde von Freunden is one of those modern day through the key hole sorts of sites where…


Elvis Ukulele Screen Print

Elvis playing the ukulele screen prints.  A4 and only an edition of 8.  One of these little beauties will be adorning my wall once I get a frame…

Mark Skulls Flaming Ukulele

A Flaming ukulele

A Mark Skulls original.