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Roy Smeck

Prada tiki bag

    Yours for only £1,430.

The Descendants ukulele

Great film.  Great film memorabilia.

Busker with electric eight string ukulele

Might have been a different instrument but looks like a uke.

Mahalo surf

There’s a new surf range from Mahalo.  A steel and nylon string ukulele but also, more excitingly, a lap steel slide guitar shaped as a surfboard.  Yep, that’s…

Willa Holland and her ukulele

Willa Holland of the O.C., Gossip Girl and all sorts of other stuff I’ve never actually seen plays the ukulele!  She’s even managed to get a song called…

East Sussex – catch the island spirit

It was -5, snowing, but I still caught that island spirit.

Freunde von Freunden – pink ukulele

This post is pretty much just a virtual toot* to another ukulele owner.  Freunde von Freunden is one of those modern day through the key hole sorts of sites where…

Elvis Ukulele Screen Print

Elvis playing the ukulele screen prints.  A4 and only an edition of 8.  One of these little beauties will be adorning my wall once I get a frame…

Ukulele spot – Backyard Bill

I sometimes spot ukuleles on other blogs. Backyard Bill is a photographer who does profiles on different people.  I like his photos and I like the little interview…