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A Flaming ukulele

A Mark Skulls original.

Japan Camera Hunter, In your Bag with a ukulele

Japan Camera Hunter is a photography site which has a section called, In Your Bag, where people send in photos of their setup for shooting.  This seems to…

Oh Tiny, I love you – Tiny Tim fanzine

Oh Tiny, i love you – fanzine/minicomic bought from Jaclyn Miller the other day.   Highly recommended.   Worth buying for the envelope alone. Front cover All images – ukulele…

Ramones ukulele T-shirt

My novelty duo bandmate made this:

Ipad, ukulele and a cup of coffee

I’ve been doing a photo a day for 2012.  This was one of them. Image: ukuleleporn

A Ukulele T-Rex

I guess I just wasn’t made for these times.  Buy the shirt. Image: Reece Ward

Ukulele brooch

Image: ukulele porn Purchased from the Barbican shop, London.

Mele ukulele

Second place in the swim suit contest.  

Ukuleles & a charango watching TV

A charango, a Mele soprano ukulele, a banjolele, a SpongeBob ukulele, and a Lehua ukulele all together,  just hanging out.

Dreamgirls and Ukes – Amy Crehore

Dreamgirls and ukes was an exhibition in 2009 by artist Amy Crehore.  I think it was a mix of works on canvas and ukuleles.  These painted ukuleles are…