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Hole & Corner Magazine

Issue 2 of Hole & Corner has an article on Mark Reddy’s ukulele collection.  There are some beautiful ukuleles featured and it’s a very nicely produced magazine, so if…

A thousand clowns, ukulele films

A Thousand Clowns – a ukulele film for the ages

A Thousand Clowns, a 1965 film based on a play by Herb Gardner is one of the best ukulele films out there.  Murray Burns is an out of work…

Her – Karen O

Besides an excellent song, if you skip to 1.11, the ukulele lives on in Hollywood.

Prada tiki ukulele bag

Prada tiki bag

    Yours for only £1,430.


The Descendants ukulele

Great film.  Great film memorabilia.

Johnny Depp playing the ukulele

Johnny Depp, a ukulele and George Formby

The Daily Star is reporting that Johnny Depp hopes to play George Formby in an adaptation of Formby’s life and the actor has taken up the banjolele and…


Christmas Ukulele Offer

Quick christmas ukulele gift offer.  Get the print copy of Ode to Uke with 40% off.  Just use the code, xmas at the checkout. Go get it: buy it now…

The Shaggs tribute concert – Gimme Dat Ding

This is from a Shaggs tribute concert and is great and has ukulele in it. Anyone uninitiated in the ways of the Wiggins Sisters better be prepared to…

U900 – Ukulele Hikima Show

This is the theme tune to the ukulele Hikima show.  Sadly, it’s in Japanese, which I don’t speak  but anything involving u900, the uke wielding knitted duo, is…

SERUTAN YOB – Red Ingle and the unnatural seven

A country parody of Nat King Cole’s Nature Boy (notice the title), this record was released in 1948.  The Passedena Ukulele club provide uke action.  It’s a strange…